Saturday, June 2, 2012


Okay, so it's June 1st.  I don't know how it was where you live, but it was a yucky day around here!  Cold and rainy and just plain gross! And guess what I did...had a garage sale.  I actually didn't do too bad considering the weather.

Anyway, so since my goal is to try to do one thing every day from today until the end of August, I had to break out a rainy day project.  Dollar Tree has all these little things for kids to paint for $1.  A few weeks ago, Brock picked out a train piggy bank.  I thought it went well with last week's unofficial theme of trains (Brock's party and pinata was trains) made this project perfect, even though last week wasn't officially part of the list, but I checked off the things we did anyway.  On to picture!

I have a feeling that if it doesn't start getting nicer out, you will get really bored of seeing this corner of my house.

And this view too.

I have really got to teach him how to rince his brush between colors.  I kept trying to remind him but he didn't listen.

Oh well, I love his "muddy" train bank.

If you are following my page, I'd really like to hear from you occassionaly.  I know after I posted my link on, I got a huge surge of viewers.  I hope that gained us some followers.  I'm mostly doing this for family, so they can keep up with us and how we are doing.  But I also want to post good tutorials and ideas for you to do with your kids this summer.  Too often I think we all sometimes forget to unplug and spend time with our kids.  I know I do.  I spend a lot of time at this computer.  Between my three businesses, researching ideas for this summer and trying to get a little social time that doesn't include asking a 3 year old if he has to go potty I don't get a chance to unplug often.  Though I have been getting much better at doing stuff at night.  So the goal of this blog is to help myself unplug (which seems a little ironic), help my kids unplug and hopefully to help you with ideas so you can do the same.  Good luck!  And like I said, I'd be happy to hear from you if do any of my tutorials or activities.

Happy Summer (almost)!

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