Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Things Checked Off

Saturday was a really busy day!  We set out to do one thing on our list to top off Dairy Week and we ended up crossing three things off the list!

First things first.  To end our Dairy Week, we went to a Dairy Farm.  It was so much fun.  Before I get to the pictures, I'll tell you a little about where we went.  We went to Swiss Lane Dairy Farms in Alto, MI.  For the best description, you should check out their site, but I'll give a briefing here.  We got to see where the cows hang out waiting to be milked, see where they are milked, feed calves a bottle and take a hay (straw) ride to the robotic farm.  Right now this farm has 1,300 milking cows!  I knew I would have a good time, I was sure Brock would have a good time, I just didn't know I would love it so much.  It left me wanting to start a farm!  Here is a link to their future tours.

Corn Box

Straw maze (Brock didn't care too much about this, he wanted the

Emma hanging out till the tour

It was lunch time for the cows, so Brock attempted to hand feed them some lunch.

Here's where the cows get miked.  This cow got stuck when the next group came in.

I think my husband found himself a new job.  This calf didn't want to let go.

Robot Milker.  I loved this part of the tour.  I was so amazed at how smart this machine is. 
I also learned that this is much better for the cows in many ways.

Brock milking a "cow"

This was a great experience for the whole family.  Brock got to see animals, which he loves.  I got to see animals and learn new things and Mark got to see tractors and machinery which he loves.  It was $8 a person and the upgrade to the robotic farm was $2 a person.

Thing 2 and 3: Picnic at the Park and Splash Pad (both will be done more than once this summer)

We were going to have a picnic at the farm, but we decided we would go ahead and go to a park to eat since the kids needed a little rest.  We ended up at our normal park...not too much of an adventure there, but we were all a bit tired.  Anyway, or park has a mini splash pad.  I plan to find some other ones and take Brock, but he really doesn't get into it so we might hold off for a little while.

Yum! Subway!

She was blinking, but this picture cracks me up.

Our mini splash pad

Oh, and to finish off Dairy Week, we attempted to make butter.  I'll share the recipe and how it turned out soon. 

Up Next: Mark's Graduation and Plans for Zoo Week

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