Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I've been seriously slacking on the list this week.  We haven't done anything.  We played outside one day and Brock had a doctor's appointment today.  But that's about it.  Tomorrow I'm hoping for some good hot sun so we can do our ice painting.  I've had colored ice cubes in the fridge all week.

This is what we've been doing.  Playing in his new water table.  We also had a water fight...but I wasn't getting my camera out for that one :) 

My goals for the rest of the week are to Feed Geese or Ducks somewhere (if anyone knows of somewhere in GR, let me know), Go to the Zoo and do handprint art.

I promise I'll be back in action soon.


  1. We like to feed the ducks at Riverside Park. The geese are not very nice and push the ducks out of the way, so we try to find a group of ducks without geese around before we get out the bread.

  2. Thank you! We'll have to try to check it out. If not, there is a park near our parent's house that we'll try to get to.