Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bleached Shirts

Today's activity didn't go quite as planned.  It turned out okay, and Brock is proud of his products so that is all that matters.

Today we made bleached shirts.  I found the idea here. Her's turned out so cute!

Here's my tutorial though not as good as the one above.

*Solid T-shirts (I get mine at Hobby Lobby)
*Spray Bottle with fine mist setting
*Squirt Guns


Cut a stencil out of freezer paper and iron to your shirt shinny side down.  Put a piece of cardboard in between the layers.

Before you allow your child to attack the shirts with a squirt gun, mist around your cut out so it is sure to stand out.  Then let your child squirt the front and back.  He should be wearing gloves, but I missed that step.  And yes his pants are backwards and he is wearing my old shirt ha ha.

Let this shirts sit in the sun for a few minutes to let the bleach take affect.  This won't take long and be sure not to let them sit too long or you'll get holes. 

Rinse, wash and dry.  I did this all with machine, but they were still a little damp so I hung them outside to snap this final picture. 

A few tips I have, don't let your child get too crazy.  I think ours got too wet and the freezer paper just didn't hold up.  Either way, it was pretty fun.

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