Monday, June 18, 2012

Fruit Week

I think this week is going to be fruit week.  Today is not the day to pick the week. It's rainy and gloomy out.  So I'll share the Fruit Week plans but it might change.

Fruit Week


§        The Tiny Seed

Stuff to Do:

§        Make Lemonade

§        Make Applesauce

§        U-pick Farm

§        Eat Watermelon

§        Picnic at a New Playground

Shopping List:

§        Lemons

§        Sugar

§        Lemon Squeezer

§        8 medium sized apples

§        Watermelon

§        Chips

§        Lunch Meat

§        Bread

§        Grapes

Extra Needed Items:

§        Picnic Blanket

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