Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dairy Week

I'm so excited!!! 

We got everything off the shopping list except Glazed Doughnuts (I'll get those on Ice Cream Day)

The week will look something like this:
Monday: Unknown Project
Tuesday: Unknown Project
Wednesday: Make butter and have buttermilk pancakes
Thursday: Unknown Project
Friday: Make pizza and ice cream
Saturday: Go to the Dairy Farm

I'm hoping for a warm/hot day this week so we can paint with ice cubes.  The fabric I got is going to be our picnic blanket and I'd like to have it all prepared.  Looks like we might get some rain this week, so we can also knock some of our rainy day projects off the list. 

I'm hoping we'll get Flat Stanley back from North Dakota this week.  He must be having a great time there. 

Stay tuned...I promise there are better blogging days to come :)

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