Monday, June 4, 2012

Stepping Stones and Butterfly Feeder

Today's activities were to do handprint stepping stones and a butterfly feeder...

We used this kit to make our stepping stones. We ran into some major issues.  First issue, there weren't any instructions.  Second issue, it does not make four different stones.  It comes with enough of the stuff to make four stones, but not four molds to make different ones.  Anyway, we made due with what we had.  Really turned out to be not a big deal.  I got a pie pan from the house so we could do his hand print. I also read the reviews and it said these don't hold up to rain very much for stepping stones. 
Brock as eager as ever to get started

Capturing his hands while they are still small.

Here's Emma.  She wasn't much help :)


Our next activity was making a butterfly feeder which has turned into an ant feeder...oh well.  I found the idea online but now I can't find the exact place.

You will need:
  • A knife
  • A pie tin, plant base, etc. 
  • Some juice
  • Over ripe fruit
  • Sponges

Cut up the fruit, throw it in the dish, put sponges in (Makes good landing spot for butterfly).  I used some foam which was a little bit less absorbant than sponges.  Poor the juice in the pain. The juice keeps the fruit moist.  Replace fruit if it dries out or becomes moldy.  And ta-da---Butterfly feeder.  I'll let you know if we see any butterflies.
Brock wouldn't let me take his picture this time.  But this is where he chose to put it in our garden.  I think it would be perfect, but we haven't seen a butterfly yet. 


  1. FM Gardens has these on stands kind of like bird baths during Butterflies are Blooming. Maybe that would keep the ants at bay? Maybe get crafty with some wire hangers twisted into stands?

  2. I'm going to revamp it and hang it from either a tree or overhang from our garage or something. I haven't quite decided yet. I read some tips about getting silk flowers and adding them to whatever you hang it from so it attracts more butterflies. Thank you for the tip!