Saturday, June 9, 2012

Airport Viewing Area

Now airplanes definitely don't fit into Dairy Week, but as I said, not everything will fit into our little themes.  Coming up with nearly 100 things to do was difficult as it was let alone putting them all into dedicated weeks.  Anyway, moving on...

If you are in the Grand Rapids area, more specifically near the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and want something free to do, you have got to check out the viewing area (map in link).  I hadn't intended on doing this part of The List yet but a friend of mine wanted to get together for a play date and this sounded like a great place to go.  She'd been there before, so she had more info and knew good times to go.  You can check out Flight Info to see when planes are coming and going.  I think I was way more excited about going than my son was.  The viewing area is great!  There is a fairly big parking area, several picnic tables and a grassy hill to sit on and watch the planes coming and going.  You're so close, you can practically wave to the pilots...well we did wave.

Waiting for a plane to come in

Hurry Kids!  Here comes a plane!


Emma making a friend

I think the boys think it's pretty awesome!

I think this was a great trip.  We went around lunch time, packed a lunch and it provided about 2 hours of fun for the boys.  If you're not from the Grand Rapids area, I highly suggest seeing if your local airport has something like this to do.

Up Next: Dairy Farm, Picnic at the Park and Mini Splash Pad

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