Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sponge Bomb Tutorial

You can find these tutorials all over, I can't remember where I found the idea to do these at so I can't give thanks.

Materials Needed:
*Sponges without the scrubby side
*Fishing line or embroidery floss

Step One: Cut the sponges in half the long way.

Step Two: Now cut each half in half the long way.  Yes I know my
halves are a little off.

Then you have a bunch of strips of sponge

Step Three: Stack the sponges like this.  Or you could just do one color.
Or you could do two different colors. Just make sure you stack them up 2 high
and 4 wide.

Step Four: Tie your string around the ball in a knot. Pull tight. 
*Note: I do remember the tutorial I found the idea on said to use fishing line.  I don't
have fishing line handy and the only thing I fear with the embroidery floss is that it might break.
But we'll deal with that if it happens this summer.

Ta-da! Sponge Bombs!  Throw them in a bucket of water and have a water fight!
Store in a garment bag for drying.

I got the bright colored sponges at Target (4pk for 1.69) and the primary colored ones at Dollar Tree (10pk for 1.00).  I kind of prefer the Dollar Tree ones but I think the Target ones will hold more water. Again, we will see this summer.

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