Monday, July 9, 2012

Popsicles and Play Dough

Today we made fresh fruit popsicles.  I got some popsicle molds from Walgreens, fresh fruit and some fruit punch.  Fill the molds with fruit (we used a premixed fresh fruit container from Meijer) and cover with fruit punch of apple juice.  They turned out pretty good. A tad on the sweet side for me, but Brock enjoys them.

Next I made some Jello Play Dough.  You can find a great tutorial here. I made the dough at like 11:30 last night, so I wasn't up for making a tutorial.  I still have more colors to make, but it takes a while to make each batch.  It smells so yummy though!

This is hands down the best play dough I've ever made.  I've made salt dough and it is always a little off and doesn't last very long.  However, try to find inexpensive Cream of Tartar because that makes the cost of this dough go up pretty quickly.  Also, I halved the recipe and it still worked pretty well.  It was a tad on the sticky side compared to the ones I did with the full recipe, but I think if we add a little more flour it will work out better.
On the list this week:  Bubble Blowing (though we do this often), Start an Handprint Animal Alphabet Book and maybe do one of our field trip things.  Not sure what yet. Also does anyone know where I can get air plants for our terrarium?

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